Best Emulators For Android 2021

playing games created over 30-years ago using devices far more powerful than the computers that took people on the Moon is just amazing. This is exactly what you can do using the most powerful emulators for Android that let you start playing the games that you used to play as a kid without having to purchase the older consoles.

Enjoy the large and stunning displays using the top hardware and the fastest software, and experience the great old-fashioned rush nostalgic for just a short period at a time. Even if you don’t own the most modern and advanced smartphones, these emulators are able to perform well, since the games that are emulated aren’t the most graphically demanding ever.

These are the top emulators available for Android

ClassicBoy is a great choice for those who are looking to find the most powerful emulator overall for Android. The emulator supports numerous gaming platforms. It starts at an Atari 2600 VCS and includes the SNES and the PS1 and PSX. You just need to load your ROMs and begin playing.

While ClassicBoy offers a universal method, GBA.emu is specifically designed for people who wish to transform their smartphone into a Game Boy Advance. Apart from supporting standard Game Boy Advance ROM files, GBA.emu can also make it simple to load ZIP, 7Z as well as RAR file formats, based on the structure of your game.

We have a fondness for the NES and we’d be remiss to not refer to Nostalgia.NES when it is one of the top emulators for Android. Nostalgia.NES is a frequently upgraded NES emulator that can support various save states, Bluetooth controllers as well as offer a pleasant and fun experience.

1. ClassicBoy

If you’re searching for the most powerful emulator for Android in general and you’re looking for the best Android emulator, you’ll find more superior than ClassicBoy. The emulator supports various platforms, between the Atari 2600 VCS all the way up to Nintendo 64 and everything in between. The process of loading your ROMs is a simple process and you are able to start playing the games you’ve got.

Controller support is available onboard. It can be used with every one of your preferred Xbox as well as Sony controllers, as well as other controllers like MOGA and 8BitDo for those who love them. If you’re not keen to make use of an external controller ClassicBoy has touchscreen control on-screen, which includes the ability to alter the settings for video games.

The application is free to download and has a lot of features, however, there are additional reasons to pay for the premium version. If you’re planning on using ClassicBoy to go back through the most played games, the premium version will load that game to be the first thing you’ll encounter when you start the app.

2. GBA.emu

In the case of many other emulators that are available on Android, You’ll have to install your own ROMs before playing. However, GBA.emu performs things differently since Motocross Challenge is also included. This will give you an idea of the performance of the application before deciding if it’s time to download your own collection of games. Additionally, you’ll be able to modify the on-screen controls so that you can fine-tune the app to suit your preferences.

In addition to being able to support the standard .gba formats, GBA.emu also supports ZIP 7, RAR, or ZIP files, meaning you don’t have to extract files to increase the storage capacity on the Android phone. Save states are also available as well, and if you’re using VBA-M, it’s possible to transfer these saves from your computer to GBA.emu within a matter of minutes. In addition, you can connect to a Bluetooth controller to create custom key profiles that aren’t a feature available to all emulators. In addition, you are able to make use of cheat codes, which gives users a similar experience to the real thing.

3. Nostalgia.NES

If you’ve ever considered the top emulators available for Android There’s one name that’s likely to appear on top of a lot of lists. Nostalgia.NES is our top stand-alone NES emulator because it is packed with features you would not imagine. This includes the ability to rewind between games, in case you’ve missed something important, along with the ability to connect Bluetooth controllers. You could even go as that you can connect your preferred keyboard should you wish to.

It’s all about customization and you can change every single virtual button around, while also changing its size to meet your requirements. If your several friends are looking to play an online game it is possible to use “Wi-Fi controller mode” with support for up to four players. Not to mention you’ll want to get as far as you can during a game only to find yourself confused about the best way to save. Nostalgia.NES helps you with that also and has eight save options that can be manually saved in addition to an autosave option to your game.

M64Plus FZ Emulator

Contrary to NES, SNES, and GameBoy models, N64 emulators are not much more widespread. However, that’s right with us with the help of M64Plus FZ, which is possibly the most robust emulator we’ve seen. There are traditional features like controller support as well as Google Drive syncing, but the developer has added the capability to store your game onto memory cards.

It’s compatible with an array of different devices, so you’re not limited to having the most powerful Android phone with the top specifications. M64Plus FZ Emulator can work on the top budget Android smartphones. Additionally, there are plenty of modifications and customization options that you can apply in the settings panel of the emulator.

My Boy!

My Boy! is among the most robust emulators available for Android and comes featuring numerous features that you could imagine. There’s a trial version of this emulator however, it’s really meant to help you decide whether the premium version is worth the cost to meet your requirements. If you play a lot of mobile gaming using GBA emulators, you’re likely to be looking to purchase the full version for the capability to save your saved games on Google Drive. The ability to save your saved states in Google Drive instead of the onboard storage of your device can be extremely useful particularly if you intend to play GBA games on several devices.

The full version includes the ability to enter multiple cheat codes, as well as speeds that range by 2x as high as 16x. You can also enable tilt sensor emulation and gyroscopes that utilize the sensors that are built-in to your phone. Those who wish to play games with their buddies will love the ability to create servers for friends to join. Perhaps you’ll need to design a customized screen layout to match the kind of game you’re playing.

Dolphin Emulator

There are plenty of emulators available to play games that were originally on the NES and even Atari There are plenty of modern consoles that can be played. Dolphin Emulator ignores all other consoles and focuses specifically on Nintendo GameCube and Wii. The biggest screen size is a must because you’ll require the largest screen space to accommodate all the buttons and controls of your GameCube controller.

The developers are planning to release regular updates of Dolphin Emulator, attempting to create one of the most effective emulators available for Android despite its focus on just two consoles. The main issue that could be a problem is due to the inability of moving the buttons on-screen or even alter the size of the buttons. However, if you’re looking to play your most loved Wii as well as GameCube titles, Dolphin is the best option.

DraStic DS Emulator

There are a few emulators which do not consider the original game’s resolutions, which could leave players feeling that their game is blurred and unreadable. DraStic DS takes this into consideration and will automatically increase and increase its resolution. This will give you an extra level of clarity than you’ll get with other emulators. It also supports Bluetooth controllers in all types and shapes that makes sense considering it’s been in use for long enough to bring back memories of the Xperia Playdays.

You are not only can create save states for various games, which are saved on your phone however, DraStic DS also allows you to sign in to the Google Drive account to save these saved states in the cloud. This is ideal for people who are playing Nintendo DS emulators on multiple devices and wish to pick up and play games from any location. The app also has an inventory of cheat codes, meaning you don’t need to worry about locating or remembering cheat codes playing the game.

EPSXe for Android

For those who are new to PS1 emulators, you might not have been aware of ePSXe This app has been in use for a long time. In the beginning, the application was available for PC prior to being made available for Android users. With ePSXe you can benefit from the standard features, such as multiple save states as well as the ability to use an external gamepad. The best part about ePSXe is it allows you to transfer save states to your PC and transfer them using the ePSXe application for the Android phone.

Another useful feature is the ability split-screen mode to be used when you and your friends want to play head-to-head against some of the most popular PS1 or PSX games. Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose ePSXe over another emulator for PS1/PSX is due to its quality of service. The creators claim that this emulator can be used with up to a 99percent of ROMs. This means that you’ll be able to work playing virtually every game. Although the UI is somewhat outdated, the app works as you’d imagine expecting from one of the top emulators available for Android.

Pizza Boy GBC

It’s extremely important to have an all-in-one emulator, but there are times when you don’t need additional settings or features that are geared to different platforms. Pizza Boy GBC is a great emulator that allows you to transform every smartphone into a modernized Game Boy, with support for either Game Boy Classic or Game Boy Color ROMs. The developers also promise 60FPS for games, no matter how old the hardware which means you’ll always enjoy an enjoyable gaming experience.

Many emulators come with integrated screenshot features, however, Pizza Boy GBC goes one step further by offering the capability of creating animated GIFs using your game. After that, you can store this GIF direct to your smartphone prior to sending it to your friends so that they can showcase your brand new Game Boy. Pizza Boy provides complete control over buttons on the screen, including the ability to alter the size and orientation to help you stay away from hand cramps during long nostalgic sessions.


Instead of having built-in support for a variety of gaming platforms, RetroArch does things a little differently. The emulator views these devices in the form of “cores,” which are basically plug-ins that can be downloaded, and the basic version of RetroArch can support as many as 50 cores. There’s a different app available that’s available on the Play Store, called RetroArch Plus, which permits you to download as many as 127 cores, which gives you additional emulation options.

In terms of what the application can offer, RetroArch allows you to change the way you control your buttons to make sure you get as like what you would expect to see as you can. With NetPlay it is possible to play multiplayer games that have great matchmaking capabilities, meaning you’ll be able to find new games or play with your pals. Furthermore, because RetroArch is an open-source project and is constantly updated, regular updates are made to ensure that the application is running flawlessly and with a high degree of reliability.

Where can you get the ROMs?

It’s great when you find the ideal emulator for your fantastic Android phone However, the truth is that you aren’t able to use them without games. Although there are emulators that come with one or two games, they can be repetitive, and they may not be the ones you’d like to play. There are several ways you can benefit from to make the most from these games’ emulators.

There was a tense debate between the developers of the games and those who purchased them, but who were not able to play them on a mobile device or computer. Therefore, it’s not advised to conduct a simple Google search for games with ROMs.

You might be surprised to discover that there’s a surprisingly large collection of games on The only restriction is that you should only download games’ ROMs as well as the game’s files that you have. If you do not, you could get into issues with copyrights because they are technically covered under intellectual property laws.

Once you’ve found the ROMs for the games you have then they can be downloaded directly from and then load them in your preferred emulator. We recommend creating an entirely new folder on your phone so that you can find the ROMs while you try to install them into the emulator.

Dump your cartridges

If you’ve been lucky enough to keep the Game Boy cartridges, you are able to “dump” them onto your computer. Once they’ve successfully downloaded onto your PC you can move the Game Boy ROM file on your computer onto the Android phone of your choice.

But, as these older models don’t have ports that are compatible with modern computer systems, you’ll have to use the cartridge reader. It allows you to connect your cartridge to one end and connect the reader to your computer and then transfer the files. It’s a long procedure if you’ve never attempted this before, but it’s a common practice if you’re looking to play old games with a device like the Raspberry Pi or on your smartphone using an emulator.

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