Best Keyboard Apps For Android 2021

The best Android keyboard applications are among the most important decisions you make with your smartphone. They determine the speed and accuracy of how you use your phone for communication, and since keyboards will be able to read all the information you type, such as passwords and social security numbers, it’s essential to choose a keyboard that you can trust and feel comfortable with. In that regard, this is the list of keyboards we use and trust the most. They can assist us in tweeting, texting, or typing our posts in a packed bar.

Here are our top picks for the top Android keyboard applications.

We all use the keyboard that is pre-installed with Android, which is probably Google’s or Samsung’s. There’s a good reason why Gboard is the most popular keyboard on Android and that’s because of its flexibility and ability to detect what you’re trying to type as you type it. Google has also added several features to let you personalize and tweak the keyboard to suit your preferences.

The main problem was that it required you to be charged for its use. Since the paywall has been lifted thanks to Microsoft SwiftKey, it’s an excellent and cost-free option to Gboard. While the app comes with all the features you’d require it also has an open beta program is available to join to gain access to the latest features coming down the pipe.

Chrooma is among the keyboard applications designed for users who enjoy customizing every element of their devices. From themes pre-installed to designing an entirely unique experience There’s something to suit anyone. The thing that’s cool with Chrooma is the fact that it can automatically adjust to the app you’re using, altering the theme of the colors as it goes along.

1. Gboard

Gboard is among the top choices on the Android keyboards The reasons for this are simple: amazing predictions thanks to machine learning, and easy access to stickers and gifs like Disney Stickers. Disney Stickers collections, and an integrated dictionary that is linked with Google. Gboard is linked to your Google account, meaning it is with you wherever you go. If you’re using a device like Pixel 5, Pixel 5, or one of the top Android smartphones, Gboard works across the board.

It was packed with all the innovative features Android people have obtained with other keyboards, and put everything in a simple and flexible (and cost-free!) package. The themes are available on Gboard aren’t as varied or stylish as other keyboards, however, they look nice and include a Material Black option, which is all you need at the end of the day. It’s also possible to create your own gifs using Gboard as iOS users can do for a long time.

The best part is that Gboard is free and does not hide any options or features in the form of ads or paywalls. One of the most popular Android keyboard applications and one of the most popular Android apps in general It is totally free.

2. SwiftKey

Swiftkey is always along with Gboard however, for some time it’s not been able to beat Gboard and take over its position. It has been a dominant player on Android keyboards for a long time; it was the ultimate in predictions and swipes, but both have fallen an inch behind Gboard. There’s a strong fan base for SwiftKey and, with many years of creating an individual dictionary using SwiftKey, it is difficult to switch to something other than SwiftKey.

There are many themes that you can choose from and personalize, with the standard features you’d expect from a keyboard like an inbuilt GIF search. It’s not easy to locate a third-party keyboard that does not come with auto-correction features, SwiftKey is one of the most effective. The application even tries to figure out the words you’re using and show it in the bar that appears on the right-hand side of your keyboard. If you log in using an account with a Microsoft account the settings and preferences will be saved and transferred to any device you utilize SwiftKey on.

SwiftKey might not be number 1 but, it’s an excellent keyboard that is great for work. While SwiftKey was formerly the only keyboard that was paid for, however, it’s been free for many years until now. Microsoft has taken a lot of steps to ensure that it is among the top Android keyboard applications and we’re hoping that will continue for many years to be.

3. Chrooma

Most keyboards let you choose a theme, and then you’re done however Chrooma believes it’s boring. Instead Chrooma’s colors Chrooma keyboard change according to the application you’re using. It will change to blue for Twitter or Twitter, green for Spotify the same way, and yellow color to match Google Keep, and so on. There’s even a night mode that darkens the keyboard’s colors during the night, or at all times in the event that you don’t turn the night mode turned on, as I do. Chrooma’s color selections are consistent with all applications, and it’s simple to switch colors between applications that it doesn’t support without losing the color adaptation while typing in other applications.

The swipe feature on the Chrooma keyboard is excellent and the ability to swipe left and right-left to remove entire sentences or words is a great option to remove small chunks of text. If you’re looking to really get fancy with the style of keyboard and size, as well as the font, and also have your settings sync across devices, you’ll need to spend the money for Premium that’s an all-in-one purchase of $9.99. It’s not cheap however if you’re someone who is constantly moving devices around and frequently, it’s worth the ease of having your settings and predictions move with you from one device to the next device.

The best Android keyboard applications

We repeat that often and the best part with Google’s Play Store and Android generally is that you’re not restricted to only one application. Although Gboard is fantastic it’s not ideal for everyone. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the top Android keyboard applications you can explore.

Typewise Keyboard

Types is yet another of the keyboard applications which has been around for some time and the creators recently announced Version 3.0. This time, Types claims to offer superior autocorrect over Gboard and Swiftkey and, during our tests It definitely is close. But the true power of Typewise is the distinctive layout of the keyboard. The keyboard layout is in a honeycomb design that can be very unsettling when you install it and then activate it the first time.

As time passes, you’ll be able to get used to the interface eventually it will be an automatic habit to use Typewise instead of traditional QWERTY keyboard applications. If you’re having trouble with the layout of honeycomb you have the option to switch back to the more natural layout. If you decide to stick to this particular layout, Typewise claims that you’ll finish typing 33% faster and produce up to 4x fewer mistakes. In addition, with respect to privacy Typewise’s keyboard comes with the option of offline mode 100% which means you don’t need to worry about being stored on a remote server.


Fleksy is getting back in the game however unless you’re a hunter and pecking typist It’s likely that you’ll be inclined to keep moving. The ability to swipe words across Fleksy does not happen as often, and the corrections that are available on this keyboard may be a bit too much in the case of a variety of acronyms or other non-standard terminology. There are some interesting extensions for this keyboard such as emoji-related suggestions, and an added fireworks feature that adds small fireworks to your keyboard clicks and sound.

Fleksy is a keyboard with a minimal learning curve. However, when you change phones or reset factory settings, your personal dictionary won’t always stay with the path you take. We’d like to see this keyboard improve over time and make progress in order to compete more effectively with keyboards that can be swiped like Gboard however, for the typical hunt-and-peck typer, Fleksy should be great.

Grammarly Keyboard

It doesn’t matter if an English writer, professor, or someone who writes regularly, Grammarly Keyboard can come in handy for anyone. The keyboard monitors the words you’re typing to ensure your spelling and grammar are accurate. The latest update also introduced the feature of swipe typing that’s already present in almost every keyboard that is popular.

The keyboard also has pre-programmed suggestions, but you’ll need to allow Grammarly to know how to write first. The most appealing aspect aside from the corrections will be that you’ll get an easy explanation of the reason your grammar or phrasing isn’t correct. This means that you will not appear like a fool, you’ll learn some useful tips for your next typing needs.


The issue with many third-party applications is that there’s the possibility that your input is recorded or the application is discarded. With keyboard apps such as OpenBoard, it’s not something you have to worry about that since it is constantly updated, but it doesn’t include any “frills”.

There’s one omission that could cause some people to turn away, and that’s swipe texting. It’s going to be a hunt and scratch your screen unless this is the kind of thing you’re searching for. onboard is also open source which means you can keep track of updates that are scheduled and what bug problems have been reported.


Like OpenBoard, AnySoftKeyboard is another app that provides us with the feeling of nostalgia at first. At least, until you start playing and begin to tweak the theme to fit your needs. The app comes with several themes that are pre-built to test however, you are able to start creating your own if discover something that you like.

There are a few cool features that set ASK above the rest and we’re not only talking about the typing gestures that everybody has grown accustomed to. The developers have also added Multi-Touch support which means that you can make your phone’s keyboard as the traditional type by holding the SHIFT button and pressing another keyboard key. Through the integrated dictionary feature, you can either add or remove entries from your dictionary when it grows more robust as well as create shortcuts to specific words or phrases.

Go Keyboard

If you’ve been using Android for the time we’ve had it probably come over GO Keyboard at one point or another. In terms of themes, it’ll be difficult to find a program that offers as many options or options as GO. More than 10,000 theme and custom fonts/emojis It’s nearly impossible to not come across at least a couple of themes you’ll want to benefit from.

For those emojis that are custom, GO Keyboard makes it possible to create a “cartoon avatar” that looks exactly like you. A customized sticker library is created that feels like Memoji which is available on Apple. Another benefit that is a highlight of GO Keyboard is the number of languages currently supported. There are currently over 20 different languages available to select from and it is possible to change between them using GO.

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