Best Android Games With Bluetooth Controller Support 2021

Android gamers will often have to use touchscreen controls when gaming. However, some gracious game developers take the time and effort to add support for Bluetooth gamepads — and we love them for it. This feature is not available in many games, so we took the time to try as many of them as possible. This is our selection of top games which allow you to use the most Bluetooth controller.

Also, we recommend getting a Style Ring and PopSocket to help your phone stand up in a favorable angle for gaming.

These games might be familiar to you from our best Android games list. However, you are here to find the best controller games. So here you will find the very best on the Play Store.

BombSquad has a variety of fun mini-games. It’s always easier to have friends than gaming. You can choose between eight game modes, all featuring cartoony graphics and fun gameplay.

There are two options: Bluetooth controllers can be used, or your friends can download BombSquad Remote and then use their phone to control the character. This game is available for most Android devices, including Android TV, which means you and your friends won’t need to crowd around a tablet or — even worse — smartphone to play.


Brawlhalla has been compared to Super Smash Bros. However, Ubisoft is a great fighting game that you can now play on your mobile device. You also get an improvement in quality of living by using compatible controllers. To improve your skills in fighting games you will need exact inputs. Touchscreen controls can make it more difficult. However, you can easily spend hours playing this game with just a controller.

Brawlhalla offers a wide range of character options, numerous stages, 1v1 & 2v2 Smackdowns as well as spectating and match recording. You can choose from five main modes: casual matchmaking or ranked and Brawl of the week. However, you also have a host of fun choices like Kung Foot and BeachBrawl. To create the gameplay that you want, you can also make custom lobbies.

Brawlhalla has no ads and is completely free to play. However, Brawlhalla allows you to purchase premium content (such as cosmetics) through in-app purchases. This game does not require you to pay anything, so it is free-to-play. Brawlhalla can be your fun place, where you will have lots of laughs and push yourself to the top.

Bridge Builder Portal

The Bridge Constructor Portal is a combination of Portal and Bridge Constructor. While it has the same gameplay as Portal, it still plays like a Bridge Constructor puzzle. You can add portals or more to the mix for some fun, but overall it is a great time. It even has controller support.

This puzzle game is a fan favorite. Your creativity is the only limit as you work through these puzzles. A lot of Aperture Science tricks are available to you, and some familiar characters will be visible. This game is a blast to play, and great for killing time.

Bridge Constructor Portal is one of few puzzles that have controller support. It’s a great game to have in your Play collection. The $5 purchase gets you the complete game without ads and no IAPs. You can also achieve achievements with Google Play Games.

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile simply puts it, as one of the best Android games. With a wide range of multiplayer options, it offers a true Call of Duty experience to long-standing fans. Mobile, unlike the Call of Duty movies that featured great single-player campaigns and other Call of Duty games, focuses solely on multiplayer. It delivers the action lovers have grown to love and is the perfect example of Call of Duty’s best franchise.

Tencent Games was a key contributor to this game’s success. Tencent Games is a well-known brand in the mobile shooting game space. Fans of PUBG Mobile will be familiar with the user interface and the surprising mobile gameplay performance. Call of Duty Mobile received full Bluetooth support, unlike PUBG Mobile. This makes it even more amazing!

Call of Duty has its core game modes, including the team deathmatch and Battle Royale. While they could just stick to team deathmatch and have an enjoyable game, the game’s inclusion of 100-player Battle Royale mode, as well as the fan-favorite Zombies mode, adds extra value.

CoD Mobile has been my favorite game since its beta. It’s easy to get into matches because the game is very popular. You can play against casuals or more experienced players in ranked matches. You can purchase a Battle Pass for a Premium price, which the game attempts to make as many of its in-app purchases as possible. However, you do not have to pay any money to get this great mobile shooter.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night

Symphony of the Night appeared in the Play Store completely by accident. I was stunned. As a child, this was my most favorite game. It’s right up there with Super Metroid (Ocarina of Time) and Super Metroid. To see it on mobile was amazing. This game has made a huge impact on the world of gaming, for good reason.

As you move through this amazing story, traverse the castle. For those who have never played this great game, I won’t spoil any details so I will stop here. Symphony of the Night is a great game in today’s games. It holds up surprisingly well, now that I reflect on it. The port of Symphony of the Night was very well done. Although touchscreen controls can be useful, playing with a controller will always win.

The best part is the fact that it costs only $3. It’s not much to pay for this game, but it is a fantastic addition to any library.


Dandara, a Metroidvania that is beautiful and engaging, has a lot to offer. There’s lots of exploration, as well as solo time to help our heroine overcome the obstacles ahead. Dandara is about a woman trying to stop the world from falling apart. It is a fascinating world, where you will meet intriguing characters and face the many challenges ahead. Explore a new world, and defy gravity to uncover its secrets.

It is available as a free expansion, Trials of Fear. You get new power-ups and a boss. There are also areas you can explore. Dandara is an excellent Metroidvania game. Although I love the touchscreen controls of this game, it is even more fun to use the controllers. This game is worth buying if you want to add it to your collection.

Dead Cells

Dead Cells was released for Android just a while back. It was definitely worth it. It is easily one of the most enjoyable indies from the past decade. The game mixes brutal, hard combat some like Dark Souls, and a bit of rogue-like humor to ensure that every death is painful. Every time you fall, you can get up from your cell and start again, learning from your mistakes, so you’re always trying to improve.

The standard controller support is available and it’s one of the most convenient ways to enjoy the game. Although the touchscreen controls work well, an external peripheral is better. To survive the game you will need to have all your support, even if the controller is available. This is the best part about Dead Cells.

Doom & Doom II

How do I begin? Since Doom is almost 30 years old, it’s easy to remember their sequel. Android ports are excellent, supporting controllers and high framerates on 90Hz and 120Hz displays.

You get the entire original content for your money. This means hours of intense gaming. The games are still very playable with current touchscreen or peripheral controls. Although the latter isn’t bad, I prefer to use a controller.

These gems are a great way to make gaming history. These games are great for anyone, no matter how old you may be. Veterans will feel at home.

Evoland 2,

Evoland 2 can be a premium Android game that you won’t mind playing. Evoland 2 was originally launched on Steam in 2015. It is a great sequel to Evoland 1 and features updated graphics and gameplay as the story progresses.

Evoland’s first Android game was an enjoyable experience. However, I found the story a little too short. Evoland 2 offers more than 20 hours’ worth of gameplay.

Evoland 2 is a sequel to the original game. It explores the history of RPGs and includes more games. The game starts as an action RPG. However, as the story progresses, the gameplay and graphics take drastic shifts. This helps to make the game feel fresh.

Evoland 2 is sure to make you laugh as it breaks down the fourth wall and makes references to pop culture and gaming. It is a great choice for gamers who love RPGs, videogame culture, and it’s well worth the price. The best part is that it supports both Bluetooth controllers as well as Android TV (including the NVIDIA ShieldTV).


A popular game in the world was released for Android some time ago. It then became the subject of legal action after it had been removed from the Play Store. It’s available for download outside Google’s Play Store if you’d like to try it. Samsung Galaxy Store customers can download the Epic Games application. If you own another Android smartphone, the Epic file can be downloaded directly from Epic. The link will be provided below. In order to use Epic Games, you’ll need to sideload.

Fortnite, whether you love it or not, is an enormous game. This game is an unprecedented cultural phenomenon. Fortnite was not the first battle royale. However, it helped popularize the game to the extent that there have been many clones over the years.

Fortnite includes controller support. This is a must-have if you are to have any chance of winning battles. Fortnite Mobile isn’t available, so you won’t be able to enjoy the entire experience on your mobile device. Play on your console or PC, and then go on the move to play even more. Access to all content, including your Battle Pass progress will be available.

GRID Autosport

Although there are many racing games available on Android, none offer as much depth and graphics as GRID Autosport. Feral Interactive developed GRID, which offers the best racing experience on mobile phones with Bluetooth support.

The game feels console-quality, with console-quality graphics as well as realistic physics and vehicle damages. You can drive over 100 vehicles and have access to a similar number of tracks. There are many tracks to race on, and it isn’t just circuit racing. GRID features an incredible selection of race types across a wide range of disciplines — from open-wheel and touring circuits to street drag races and even chaotic demolition races.

You can choose to be a professional driver by choosing a career mode with high production values and animated pre-race sequences. However, I prefer the many one-off races. These include arcade races such as eliminator races, checkpoint races, drift races, or races against the clock where your powerslides are rewarded with points.

GRID Autosport allows you to control all settings, so you don’t get frustrated if it is too simple or too hard. For casual gamers who prefer an arcade experience, there is a scaled difficulty option that allows you to use brake assist features and other features. You can also increase the difficulty level and adjust simulation settings to give fans the feeling of racing. Bluetooth controller support adds another dimension to this racing game for Android. It is definitely worth the high price.


Grimvalor, one of my favorite games on Android is an action platformer that has beautiful graphics, slick combat, and keeps you entertained for hours. Although the controls on the touchscreen are excellent and among the most intuitive I have ever used, they cannot match the accuracy of a controller.

Grimvalor, a hack-and-slash game that you should try, is for you. You can download the first part for free, then decide whether you wish to buy the entire thing. After I finished the 2 hour Act 1 trial, I was certain I wanted to purchase the entire thing.

Grimvalor is free to try. It’s a great game, I hope that you have as much fun as I did.

Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase is an arcade-style retro racer that features gameplay similar to the 80s arcade game Pole Position. There’s lots of entertainment here with bright retro graphics and 70 tracks that span 32 cities. Each race starts from 20-car packs and you have to beat your competitors for the win. You can upgrade your car by winning and unlocking 16 more cars.

Horizon Chase has Bluetooth control support. I have found that the touchscreen controls can be used, but a physical controller works better to provide the precise touch needed in racing games.

The San Francisco tracks are free to you, but the game requires that you pay for the complete experience. We bet that you’ll enjoy this beautiful, fun game.


Limbo is a classic in the indie genre, both for its aesthetic and creepiness — and it’s a really, really creepy game. You’ll have fun side-scrolling adventures even if you are afraid of spiders.

Limbo’s shadowy and dark appearance is immediately recognizable. The controller feature is also available so you can see all the coming events. Developers offer the opportunity to test things first for free with a separate demo.

Max Payne Mobile

Max Payne Mobile is bringing the award-winning classic into your palm! Full Bluetooth controller support makes it easier than ever to take down your enemies in a sweet, sweet bullet. Max Payne is an action-shooter that follows the exploits of Max Payne (a fugitive cop who has been on the run from the police as well as the mob).

Max must fight against all odds in order to clear his name, and uncover the truth regarding what happened to his family. The story is a thrilling epic with many twists and turns that will keep you on your computer for hours. This is a great deal for only $2.99.


You probably know the name Minecraft by now. The game is beloved by all generations of gamers around the world. The game is very robust and well-liked for its simplicity. It’s an old game, but it is still very popular and doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

Fully supported and feature-rich, Minecraft Android is just as good as the other versions. You can cross-play it with Xbox One or PlayStation 4 Switch as well as Windows 10 and iOS. So you can still enjoy the same games as your peers on other platforms, it also receives all of the most recent updates.

Creative Mode allows you to unleash your creativity, or Survival Mode is where you have to dig for materials to create protection. Minecraft is truly a game of incredible scope and execution. You also get the sweet controller support that will make Minecraft even more enjoyable!

Modern Combat 5: mobile FPS

Originally released as Modern Combat 5 Blackout, this mobile first-person shooter is a solid mobile FPS with dazzling graphics and options to play through the solo campaign or take it online — and you can get an edge on your competition with a proper controller in your hand.

This game is clearly trying to bring some light back on the Call of Duty series when it first launched. Call of Duty now has a real release. However, Modern Combat 5 is still worth the effort.


Leo’s Fortune’s Oddmar is a great game. You might have already recognized this game as one of our longest-standing Android games. Because it supports gamepads, this title deserves to be on the list.

Your role is that of Oddmar, a Viking exile who has never lived up to the warrior ideals set by his ancestors. You can gain special abilities from a magical fairy. The levels are fairly linear in design, however, it doesn’t feel stale due to the many enemies, unusual obstacles, and quick puzzles.

Oddmar is also compatible with cloud saves through Google Play Games. Like Grimvalor you can get a trial version to test before purchasing the full version.


Terraria is another popular mobile game. It’s an open-sandbox platformer that focuses on exploration. You’ll experience a new adventure each time you visit the world. To get started, you will need three tools: one to dig, one to combat, and one to cut wood. You then embark on an adventure that includes some combat.

Instead, you will explore the area and search for resources. These can be found in caves, or they can be dropped by your enemies. Imagine Minecraft 2D. You’ll spend your time wandering and crafting as well as building.

Terraria Android was completely rebuilt for mobile. All of the same features are available on the Android version. You can also play the game anywhere.


Unkilled is another first-person shooter. The game supports Bluetooth controllers, and there are over 150 missions. There are also multiple multiplayer online modes. For online play, you have the option to pick your favorite character class and upgrade your weapon loads-outs and skills using points earned.

Again, the Bluetooth controller will give you an advantage over your AI zombie opponents as well as online enemies. Just connect your Bluetooth controller to your smartphone and the controller will automatically start when you open up the game.

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