Best Android Gaming Tablets 2021

You can enjoy gaming while on the go with a little more screen. Many players choose tablets to play the most popular mobile games. The tablet market is flooded with options, making it difficult to pick the right one to suit your gaming needs. While there are a few contenders for the top Android tablets, only a small number of them really fit the gaming requirements. Here’s a guide to the most popular Android gaming tablets. You won’t go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus if you want to get started.

Overall, this is the best: Samsung Galaxy Tab A7

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 offers all the premium features of Galaxy Tabs, but without the high prices. The 10.4 inch IPS LCD display will provide stunning visuals no matter which game you choose. And the battery can last for up to 10 hours so you won’t have to stop gaming.

The A7 is similar in design to the other Samsung tablets. It weighs less than one pound, and can easily fit into a bag or a backpack. You’ll also get decent performance from the device thanks to its 1.8GHz Samsung Exynos 9610 Octa-Core chipset and 3GB of RAM. It is also possible to upgrade the A7 so that it can hold as much data as 1 TB, which will ensure you never run out.

The A7 tablet is very affordable in terms of pricing. Samsung packed the A7 full of some the finest and most recent specs that a tablet user can wish for.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 – Gray

Experience a high-quality Android tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 will allow you to carry your tablet with you and enjoy the most advanced gaming experiences.

Best premium: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 (the flagship device) is the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus. The S7 Plus is a very expensive tablet, with some of the most advanced specs available. You can expect stunning graphics from the S7 Plus’ 12.4-inch SuperAMOLED screen. It can refresh at 120Hz, which is why you can play games on it.

Also, the S7 features a Qualcomm Snapdragon865 Plus chipset. It has plenty of power for running more than just games. It can be used as a gaming device, however, and will run any game you may have. The S7 Plus’s weight is just under one pound. It also has a more narrow design than many modern tablets.

This tablet can be expensive. Although it may have the most advanced features, this tablet is best used as a replacement for a laptop. You might not want to use it for serious gaming, so you may consider looking elsewhere. However, if your goal is to get the best possible gaming experience on a tablet, then this one will do.

Best mid-range: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

You can get a complete premium experience with the Galaxy Tab S6Lite if your budget doesn’t allow you to pay current-gen pricing. This tablet boasts some of the finest specs Samsung ever made. It has a 10.4-inch front-facing display that is vibrant and ideal for gaming. The S6 Lite is similar to the A7 and comes with an Exynos 9611 Octa-Core Chipset. However, it also has 4 GB RAM so that you can play any game with ease.

With its adjacent flagship tablet and impressive battery life, the S6Lite is a viable option for people who want to do more than simply gaming. The price is a little high for many, but it still comes in a classy category.

Best value: Huawei MediaPad T5 10.1

It is not easy to find the right budget tablet for gaming. You want something with a lot of power, that has a great screen and that doesn’t slow you down. Huawei MediaPad 10.1 inch tablet is packed with the finest internal parts and offers a gaming experience that will not let you down.

MediaPad T5 has a 659 Octa Core processor. This means you don’t need to compromise on power in order to save money. The tablet also has 2GB RAM, which, while it may not be the best, is a good amount for a budget tablet like this. You should also be able to play games on the device thanks to the 5100mAh lithium battery. It promises to last at least 10 hours of video playtime.

Best budget: Lenovo Tab M10 Plus

While the Lenovo Tab M10 Plus costs less than $200, it offers some very valuable specs. It has a 10.3-inch display and Dolby Atmos sound. This means you will not be disappointed when playing games like Fortnite.

Additionally, the M10’s bezel is quite small so that the majority of the screen area can remain. The tablet’s MediaTek Helio T22T processor isn’t the fastest, but it will do the job for most games. However, the M10 shines in its battery. This is said to be very powerful and will last for quite some while. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the quality of this gaming console for such a low price if you can overlook some performance problems.

Best runner-up: Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

While the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 might be the most popular gaming tablet in 2017, Samsung still has plenty of options. For example, the S5e from just a few years ago offers an outstanding combination of speed and price that is sure to please gamers.

While the S5e might not be the most budget-friendly tablet on the market, its contents are reasonably priced. Because the S5e has a shorter battery than many, it can substitute long gaming sessions with some amazing ones. It also features an AMOLED 10.5 inch display, powerful speakers, and Dolby Atmos support.

It’s compatible with many great accessories and will provide a perfect gaming experience regardless of what game you play. Samsung offers a variety of accessories, including sleeves, mounts, kickstands, and sleeves. You won’t have to worry about finding the right one for you.

The bottom line

If you are looking for a tablet that is best for gaming only, then the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 will be your choice. This tablet is a great compromise between affordability and power. The A7 delivers key features for gamers, such as an amazing display, powerful speakers, and long-lasting battery life. The A7 tablet isn’t the most powerful, but it will be a great choice if you are primarily focused on gaming.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is a premium option if you want something more. The S7 Plus is a beefed-up version of Samsung’s flagship tablet. It features some of the most advanced internal components on any tablet. Although the S7 Plus comes with some flashy features, its high price tag is well worth it for people who want to replace their laptops with smaller models.

As new tablets become available, we’ll update the list. However, in the interim, tell us which gaming tablet is your favorite.

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