Best Nintendo 3ds Emulators For Android: Play All The Classics Right From Your Phone

The Nintendo 3DS had been the fourth-best-selling handheld console until recently. The Nintendo Switch, although it has been in existence for several years now, is still an excellent console.

For those who don’t have their 3DS anymore and still want to enjoy the classics, one of our top Nintendo 3DS emulators Android is required. There isn’t as much choice for Nintendo 3DS emulators as there are for NES/SNES emulators or Game Boy. We’ve collected the top of the best.

These are some of the most popular Nintendo 3DS emulators on Android

Citra Emulator was developed for Mac and PC for many years. However, the app is relatively new in the Android emulation market. This app was released officially in 2020 and is currently receiving regular updates.

DraStic DS was the dominant emulator for many years until it was finally displaced. It is, however, still considered the best Nintendo 3DS emulator on Android. The phone can run it with no limitations.

RetroArch can be used to emulate Android consoles without having to download and install many apps. RetroArch can emulate many different consoles including the 3DS, thanks to its various “cores”, which can be downloaded and then installed.

1. Citra Emulator

Citra is a great option for those who wish to enjoy the very best Nintendo 3DS emulator has to offer. Citra has been available since April 2014 but was originally designed to emulate your computer’s 3DS. Releases have been made for macOS, Linux, and Android.

Officially released in May 2020, the Android app has been the standard for 3DS emulators. The free Citra app is available. You can also purchase Citra Premium at $5 for more features, such as Dark Mode. Citra scans your smartphone for any saved ROMs so that you can play easily.

Citra will not run on any Android phone. There are some issues. Your phone must have at least one of the most recent flagship processors. You’ll have to search for another emulator if the game doesn’t work smoothly.

2. DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS, the most popular 3DS emulator on the Play Store for many years, has not been updated in a while. Citra might be the more recent fan-favorite emulator, but DraStic is still a great Android emulator. This app can automatically improve any Android game, and it also supports some of the most popular game controllers.

The on-screen interface can be customized for those who don’t wish to work with Bluetooth controllers. DraStic allows you to save states easily. But DraStic has a neat feature that lets you link your Google Drive account for storage. You can play your game from one device and then continue on to the next.

If cheat codes appeal to you, DraStic also has them. The app has a variety of cheat codes that can be used to quickly load code into the middle of the game. Like many other Nintendo 3DS emulators, it is important to have a large screen.

3. RetroArch

RetroArch has a solution that works for everyone, whether you are looking for 3DS emulators, or if your goal is to emulate NES or SNES on Android. RetroArch doesn’t limit itself to emulating one console. There are many cores that you can use instead. You can install these cores as consoles to be emulated, so you can use RetroArch with any kind of device.

RetroArch provides regular updates and makes it possible to easily remap the button locations on controllers. The app is not easy to use and can sometimes be difficult to navigate. Once everything is up and running, you can customize it to your taste.


RetroArch’s main competitor, Lemuroid, is a viable alternative. Lemuroid uses the same Libretro APIs. Lemuroid’s interface is the most important difference. It’s much simpler to modify and interact with than older emulators. Many features were requested by users last year and implemented in Lemuroid.

Lemuroid, like RetroArch, allows you to emulate a variety of games. This emulator is fast becoming one of the top Nintendo 3DS emulators on Android.

RetroArch and Lemuroid have very similar functionality, so you may be asking why Lemuroid has not been included among the “big three”. RetroArch can still emulate many platforms, so even though it has a simpler interface RetroArch is better.

MelonDS Emulator

Another Nintendo 3DS emulator is out there looking to claim the crown of being the best. Malone is an emulator that was first released on Windows and recently launched for Android. This emulator is not available on Google Play Store, unlike the others.

It’s still being developed by the developers and is therefore currently accessible on GitHub. There are also almost weekly updates for melonDS. Malone, unlike the other choices on this list, is open-source. This is why you will see regular updates. It doesn’t come with a paid version, so you don’t lose any of the features if you just download it. While it might not offer as much functionality as DraStic and Citra, it is certainly on the right road.



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