Why Do I Carry An Iphone And An Android Phone

We love Android, which is no surprise to anyone at AC. All of us hold Android dearly as the preferred mobile operating system. Reasons for this include customization and phone varieties, among others.

I must confess. Since September of last year, I’ve had an iPhone XS as well as an Android smartphone. GASP.

Last year, I purchased the XS to try out iOS again. It turned out to be a great experience. Almost a year in, I’ve come to appreciate particular strengths offered by both iOS and Android — resulting in me currently using an iPhone XS and OnePlus 7 Pro as my daily drivers.

Although iOS has some advantages over Android, there are also things that iOS can do better. However, Android does have benefits I cannot see Android losing.

iOS is better

Let’s talk about iOS strengths first.

Many of my family and friends use iMessage. As silly as it sounds, an iPhone allows you to chat with your friends and family, share photos, and more. A lot of diehard WhatsApp and Telegram users give iMessage crap, and while I don’t know if I’d consider it to be the best messaging platform out there, there’s no denying its user base — especially in the United States. I love the convenience of only having to use one app for my all messaging needs. The Messages app allows you to only use iMessage. However, if I have to contact my Android-trained contacts I can send an SMS as well.

Apple has yet to create an iMessage app on Android. However, if you are like me, and own an iPhone, this guide will show how to access your iMessage conversations from an Android smartphone. Although it takes technical knowledge and patience to set up, I am able to access all my messages on any phone.

Google Pay can be used to pay with your card at any store that supports NFC. However, beyond that, it’s pretty ineffective. Apple Wallet is the most popular in-store payment method. It also offers the best customer support for boarding passes and concert tickets.

While this may not be of much importance to you, it is important for me because I wouldn’t have a physical wallet if my driver’s license wasn’t available. Having a supported and well-designed platform such as Apple Wallet can make a huge difference.

The quality of iPhone apps is what keeps me loyal to them. While this will vary depending on which apps you use, many of the apps that I use every day are more efficient on iOS.

A dog training app gives me new lessons each day. However, on Android, these daily lessons don’t exist. While I have the ability to go through exams and individual tricks, it is not possible for me to access pre-made plans. Apps for Android and iOS are available from the financial institution where I have my investments and savings accounts. The iOS one is cleaner and easier to navigate. Buddy, a budgeting application that I used with my wife, is available for iOS and Android. Although it has the tools and design we want, Buddy is currently only available on iOS. The developer does not plan to port it to Android.

This is again down to which apps you use. However, even if there are only a few that offer better iOS experiences or have Android versions, I find it compelling to hold onto my XS.

Android is better

We’ll give Android all the credit it deserves if you are still reading. While I love and appreciate iOS in many ways, Android is superior in some aspects.

Although I can change my wallpaper or move the app icons around, it is not something that I enjoy doing. However, as someone who used to root and mod phones, iOS’s limitations in customization can sometimes make things a bit boring.

At the moment I am using my OnePlus 7 Pro Android smartphone. I have made these tweaks.

To get that Pixel-like interface, I changed the launcher to an Alpha build of Lawnchair 2.0
I added the Google Feed on my leftmost screen
To make it easy to access Quick Settings or launcher settings, I created home screen gestures
Did the accent colors of my system match my wallpaper?
Downloaded Adapticons and a custom icon set to create a simplified icon shape for all apps.

It’s a rare thing to take the time to create a phone that is uniquely yours. While I may not be able to spend hours creating jaw-dropping themes like Ara, it is amazing to have so many options. Although this is not new, it’s easy to see how Android excels in this regard when you use both OSs side-by-side.

Android smartphones are unmatched in innovation.

Open-source is another important advantage that Android offers. Although this can lead to slower updates and missing security patches, the innovativeness we are seeing in Android devices made by some OEMs is amazing. My iPhone XS is outsold by the OnePlus 7 Pro from a hardware perspective. There isn’t a notch and virtually no bezels, a 90Hz display, a pop-up selfie camera, an in-screen fingerprint sensor, and some of the best silicone on the market — all for hundreds of dollars less than the XS.

You’ll be amazed at the offerings in countries around the world from Oppo and ASUS. Redmi K20 Pro is a new smartphone that features no visible bezels, exceptional battery life, and the most stunning design I have ever seen. The price is in USD It costs just over $400

With iOS, there’s pretty much only been two options — the new iPhone and a Plus model. Apple slightly altered that strategy with the XS Max Max, XR, and XS models last year. But in the end, your options are still limited to those phones. There is no other iOS device that can replace the horrible design of the iPhone 11. Either buy the iPhone 11 or wait until next year before upgrading.

Are you able to carry 2 phones?

All that being said, let me know what you think. Is it possible to have two smartphones? Which ones do you use? Let me know in the comments!


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